King’s own House

Kings Shower Kindness.

Kindness perfectly blends with truthfulness to make anyone Royal.

We sincerely with that truthfulness  and kindness may prevail in the hearts of allof us which ultimately brings about Royalty.

Let the leaves of Heartians be triumphant with a strong sense of kingly and Royal disposition.

May all the king’s own disseminate the massage of truthfulness and kindness to make every sublime.

House President – Mrs.Sajini Jayawardhana


Queen’s own House

Beings to World render human are born to a service to fellow human beings. Service moulds ones character services given with love makes a persin great.

My wish is that Heartians,wherever they are provide a service to make this world a better place.

May the good lord shower his blessing to our dear Alma mater to produce useful women to service follow humans.

House President- Mrs Greta perera.


Nazareth House

Through out the past years the Nazareth House  was led by the motto “Strive and Achieve”.I am proud to report that the Nazarites  strived hard to achieve many goals.Their achievements made them true Heartians who loved S.H.C.

So let us wish 2014 will be a glorious year of achievements for the Nazarites,as well as all the Heartians present and past.

House President- Mrs Dilakshi Nagahawatta


Caritas House

Caritas house has lived up to our  motto “On words to Success” for many years. Success is the destination which a person can reach for good and hard work.I take this opportunity  to thank all the members of the house for their loyal co-operation and for their untiring  efforts to uplift the house.Let’s all work together with the generous sprit of humble service “On words to Success” of our beloved Alma mater.God bless you.

 House President- Mrs Chamika madugoda